I would like to hear my mother apologize for knowing that I was being abused and never doing anything to stop it. Never standing up for me, or protecting me… That is what I would like to hear her say how sorry she was for allowing that to happen to me. I wasn’t aware she knew of it until I was in my 30s. In which my jaw dropped and I was speechless rethinking every situation that had occurred and she knew about it and did absolutely nothing. Of course I am older now and I have realized there are somethings in life you are never going to get. And an apology from her is one of them. I forgave her many many years ago. I was a much different mother to my children that she was to me. I was the kind of mother that I wished I’d have had growing up. I have two adult sons and one adult daughter and they’re all very well-balanced, secure, loved, successful children.