Cutting off communication is never bullying, that is called boundaries. If someone isn't behaving, refuses to behave and can't behave, a social cut-off is exactly what people need to do. I can't recommend it enough. A cut-off is not the silent treatment at all, go look at the definitions.

I've cut off one psychopath sister permanently. At a funeral I ended up in the same room with her for 10 minutes. She immediately started screaming and insulting me. Do you think I should have put up with that? Tolerated it in order to get along and not be labeled a "bully"? Some dysfunctional family patterns will never improve OR people aren't interested in bending over backwards to leave themselves open for abuse.

If one has been socially cut off by loved ones maybe they should think what they did, what they said to them before assuming a loved one is a bully.

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