A woman asked me to help her with her bullying husband. I spoke to him and he said he did not want me to feel sorry for him. His son was not his child and would get jealous of the attention his mother would give the child. The child had tried to commit suicide a while earlier because he had lost a girlfriend. The husband sleeps with other women. Many other men in the village have had problems with this man who has an overblown sense of self importance and rages when he gets drunk. The wife yells at him and tells him to stop. The man is seemingly very jealous and possessive and has told me that he will get a shotgun to protect his family. He has tried the threatening behaviour towards me and i have ignored him. He has now taken the poor me route and say he need attention. He is jealous of the fact that i am popular and a very good musician. and continually tells me that i am rubbish and my ideas are no good. I continue to ignore him which is just making the situation worse. He wants me to play guitar with him but i am to busy. I wish that i had never gotten involved . I have been bullied three times before and i am a recovering Co Dependent. I am struggling psychologically but just coming out of depression. After being aggressive he says that he finds me intimidating and his wife has taken my side telling him not to treat me the way he does. I have had a lot of support. unfortunately i have his emails asking me not to tell anyone what has happened but i have as i am in distress. (RE TRIGGERED TRAUMA ?) I feel that i am also bullying him because of my no contact attitude. I hate bullies. This seems to be a psychological battle that i don't want any part of as it causes me severe distress. But i am being strong hoping that he will give up. He only has a go when he gets me in isolation. So this week i am not going to let that happen. He takes shotguns to dogs. I will not let him run me out of my local bar and away from friends who are supporting me.

Am i doing the right thing ??? I don't have time to pay him the attention he craves.

Any help would appreciated and be most helpful .

I have had enough of being bullied in my life.

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