First, this is is a well written article, with some potentially helpful advice. However, Miss Johnston seems to be very biased. The article is extremely feministically charged. All this mentioning of "she" or "her" as the victim and the perpetrator being male. Also, where is the objectivity-- the credebility? This article seems to be Miss Johnston's pure, feministic, opinion. There are no scholarly references listed at the end. A PsyD. means absolutely nothing. Anyone could pay money to get a Psy.D. from an unaccredited online school. Again, where is the objective data supporting the author's claims? These feminist opinion articles get mistaken by the public as science, and fact, and put so many innocent men behind the bars of an unjust legal system. Women abuse this false concept of "domestic violence" to harm men or take children from their respectful fathers. It all happens because of articles like this. Judges let it happen because they are too prideful to admit their lack of competency related to domestic violence and mental health. Again, they rely on feminist articles, like this. If nothing else-- this article might be in violation of the APA's ethical guidelines. But do the guidelines apply when you did not graduate from an accredited program? Next time, let us see a gender neutral article, with good sources-- from a credible, respectable author.