I am the daughter of a narcissist. From the time I was a toddler, I knew something wasn't right. I grew up thinking she was controlling, neurotic & an all round bitch!
Not until I was in my forties (& divorcing a narcissist) did I seek professional help.
The word NARCISSIST entered my vocabulary & everything in my life began to make sense!
I had one brother-he was the golden child, I-the scapegoat.
My mom is now 78 & is more narcissistic than ever! Problem is she lives 5 minutes from me. She comes into my house~unannounced, dictates everything & has my four kids wrapped around her finger.
The kids (22-14) are part of her game (unknowing). My mom plays the ultimate hero, victim, martyr.....naturally, I'm cast as the villain.
Like everything- she aligned her team and I'm the odd man out! SURPRISE!
My dilemma- my mom has (& is) causing so much pain, my quality of life is suffering!
But, because my children adore Grammy and have become part of her hero worship- I FEEL TRAPPED!!!!!!!
I'm 53, I have tried my whole life to please this woman and she will never be pleased.
How do I escape MY pain and not cause a rit between myself & my children???????????

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