My mother is a narcissist. She's never done anything for anyone else. She's one of the most organized narcissists you will ever meet. My mother keeps several lists, one for each family member. She thinks of something one of us can do for her she puts it on the list for that person. When she calls us she reviews that person'slist. This has been goning on all my life, over 50 years.

One day not too long ago I decided to try an experiment. I found a small task that I knew she my mother could do. So after my mother got done with her task list for me I suggested that she could do a small activity for me. At first she was aghast, then she burst out laughing. No, she would never do that. My mother felt that me asking her to do something for me was completely ridiculous.

I didn't really expect this experiment to go any other way. However, my mother's refusal was so unbelievably blatant and insulting. I never pointed out to my mother how she has spent a lifetime expecting other people do serve her every need but she couldn't spend 5 minutes helping her own daughter. I figured that conversation would be a waste of my time.

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