I really liked how you tried to explain the LOA scientifically and really admire that. However, what I would like to add is this: the dreams you have are not limited to the LOA alone. You see, I've watched the video, "The Secret", explaining how the LOA works, and I have learnt some things there. You see, what they said is that you can't rely on the law of attraction alone. It's basically the same thing as thinking to yourself you're hungry an expect food to magically appear in front of you. The LOA only works when you think positively and make the effort. The positivity boosts the spirit and the will to do more things, as well as focusing on your goals with no distractions. Although it sounds all great, people still need to make the EFFORT to do the objectives to get to their goals. That's the same thing as negative thoughts with the LOA, if you think negatively, then your overall well-being will decrease as well (will, happiness, etc.). That's, what I think, many people have confused the LOA with. They confuse the LOA with wishful thinking. Don't get me wrong, wishful thinking is SIMILAR but it's not the same as the LOA. The difference is that the LOA only boosts the well-being (and decreases it if negative) as well as making the effort while wishful thinking is just plainly waiting for things to happen.

Thank you for listening.

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