Dear Parents,

Here are a few key given by my spiritual Guru ParamPujya Dadabhagwan on raising children:

1) If you become a friend to your children, they will improve. But if you assert your authority as a parent, you will risk losing them. Your friendship should be such that the child will not go looking for comfort and guidance elsewhere.

2) You should constantly maintain the intent that you want your child's understanding to improve. In doing so, you will notice a change after some time. Your child will eventually come to understand. You just have to keep praying for him. But if you keep nagging him, he will go against you. You have to adjust and accept things as they are.

3) Some fathers thrash their children as though they were dirty clothes. Children should be given the help to improve, not beaten. It is very wrong to beat children.

4) Real parents are those who manage to change their children's behavior through love and understanding, even when the child does dreadful things.

5) All you have to ask them is whether or not they have thought about what they are doing and does it seem right to them. If they say no, then you can ask them why they continue to do so. They are capable of judgment and understanding. They instinctively know when they do something wrong. But when you start to criticize them, they will rebel and become indignant.

Speak in such a way that the other person's ego does not arise. When you speak to your children, do not use an authoritative tone.

6) When you hurt anyone in the world, the inner effect and vibration of that hurt, the echo, is bound to affect you. There is nothing wrong in telling them, but speak in a way that it does not hurt them and that the echoes of that do not fall on you. You have to make a decision that you do not want to hurt anyone in the slightest extent.

7) As long as someone gets hurt in the slightest, on your account; its effect will fall upon you. So beware. If the other person keeps 'disadjusting' and you keep 'adjusting', then you will cross this worldly life. 'Fault is of the sufferer' if one is able to understand only this much, then not a single clash will remain in the home.

8) God exists where there is honesty in relative interactions and where there is pure love, which does not increase, or decrease. These are the two places where God resides. Where there is love, faith and purity, that is where God is.

Prayer always gives strength, so always pray to the GOD inside the child, before you can speak so your viewpoint is well understood by the child.

Do your best and leave rest to GOD ask him the strength to accept the result, good or bad accept what ever happens is justice at the END.