Anonymous wrote:

I come from a time before the internet.
T.V. was the culprit in those days. It was every bit as
addictive as the net. People warned of it then.
I was addicted to it.
At the age of 12 I lost a ton of weight because I wanted to
be just like my favorite action/adventure hero's on T.V.
who always succeded. Nobody told me it was unreal.
I moved to a new neighborhood and there was no time to
buy a new wardrobe. The neighor kids laughed at my ill
fitting clothes. I was shocked and crestfallen. I decided to
stay in my room with my T.V. I only reluctantly left it when I
had absolutely no choice. I found no joy in socialization.
People could see this and reacted in kind. I stayed this way ever since. It could be said my life was totally wasted.
It was "lived" through the T.V.
I sympathise with the two "Slenderman" girls. They also
thought a fictional character was real. They were on a
fool's errand like me. I hope the system is gentle with them. A life is a terrible thing to waste.

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