Dear Dr Shedler,
I really appreciated this blog post and the related one about psychiatric diagnoses. What I didn't appreciate is the reply to Cris' comments. Regardless of what you wanted to communicate to him, you knew your words would be read by many people. I would have appreciated a comment on whether you think the study he quotes is a good one, perhaps with some remarks on what seems to be a contradiction between it and your point that effective therapy should focus on what causes the symptoms and not on the symptoms themselves. It seems that you just wanted to show that you have the bigger balls instead of informing whoever might read your words of anything. In addition, your last sentence expresses contempt in a subtle way which represents you as a person I would much prefer to avoid, even though your blog posts made me think the opposite. If a random comment (not even nasty or hostile in tone, but simply inaccurate) makes you react in such a way, I can but wonder how deep your insecurities and your need to prove yourself are.
Best wishes,