Like the commenter below said, taxes and politics are mutually inclusive. Trying to separate them is like saying "Let's leave force out of our talk on acceleration."

Yes, some charities are wasteful. The primary consideration here is voluntarism. Taxes are collected at the point of a gun (if you want to argue that point, then stop paying your taxes. It will take awhile but you will eventually see men with guns show up at your door, and if you still say no you will see the business end of some really cool tactical weapons.)

The government transfers my wealth to all sorts of causes that I have decided are wrong if not outright evil. I have no choice where that money goes. With charities, I investigate charities that support causes I support and make sure they are efficient. The GAO indicates that about 36 cents of every dollar is actually spent on the people in need, that is APPALLING! I would never donate to such an inefficient charity. Besides, most of the money is really for the purpose of getting politicians elected again (see? no getting away from the politics and corruption in taxes - they are like Siamese twins.)

Why can't you Liberals get this? You cry about women having complete right to their bodies (which is good,) yet somehow on the other hand it is OK for the government to take 40% of ones earnings and give it to others, never mind the purpose? Earned Wealth is the result of humans trading their time, literally part of their LIFE, to get things in return to survive and enjoy life. Taking that and giving to others is nothing more than slavery.

How much is OK to steal and give to others? I say NOT A PENNY is OK to redistribute, just like I have no right to even pat a good looking girl on the bottom as she passes by. As the feminists say: "No means NO!" Worth principles are good in all cases, not just the ones you want them to apply to.