First, not many Americans like paying their taxes. Do you live in a wonderful Liberal neighborhood and work in an Ivory Tower insulated away from the destruction Leftist policies have wrought on this nation? That might explain it.

To parrot some of the other comments to this article, most of us living in Reality see the incredible waste of tax money and the horrible corruption weaved into the tax system from front to back.

Does it feel good to pay taxes for the proper, rationally moral functions of government like defense (let's assume for a second there is no waste,) police, courts etc? Sure, I suppose so. They are needed and probably the best way to fulfill those needs is a small government.

But what about the huge component of wealth distribution in the tax system? No rational person or person who is not benefiting from the forced theft of money for redistribution would be happy about it. Not only is it inefficient, but downright immoral. Voluntary charity on the other hand is moral and a far more efficient way of helping people.

Let me ask you this: Let's say you you have a teenage daughter. An ugly, nasty boy in school wished to have relations with her, but she didn't want that, would you support her being raped if the school administration said it was "for the greater good?" If they argued that by doing this it would make a better life for the boy and it is unfair anyhow that your daughter was born with so much attractiveness? The same argument is used by the Left for advocating for the theft of money from those who make it to those who take it. It is morally reprehensible and a large component of our taxes today.

Maybe you would sacrifice up your daughter or money willingly to have a fraction of the goods get to the real people in need in the end while supporting all sorts of causes you disagree with, but not most of us!

Charity GOOD!
Wealth Redistribution Taxes BAD!

Another thought: I have read that Conservatives give twice as much of their income to charity as Liberals. Do Liberals like taxes because they know that they will not be paying their fair share and the Conservatives will bear the brunt?