My ex mentioned gas lighting and her being an empath towards the end of our relationship .. She was always accuseing me of things that I didn't do .. I couldn't have friends couldn't talk to women co-workers couldn't make her feel secure .. I accussed her of being insecure because she was .. She was very needy all the time .. I loved her very much and I still do .. I admit I wasn't the perfect boyfriend but i t was like she painted me as the devil and became very hatful and said horrible things .. Sex was our constant .. It was what made it go away but it would always come back .. She would say some things about some girl at work and get mad at me for talking to her .. I wasn't flirting wasn't doing anything wrong .. (This happened a lot) she constantly accussed me .. Of shit and of coarse I defended myself .. Maybe I should have handled it differently .. Idk .. I miss her but she won't talk to me anymore .. There is a lot more to this story and I'm seeing someone else that is awesome .. But I secretly still love my ex .. And it's all confusing .. She made me out to be a bad person and I'm not