My spouse asked for forgiveness of developing an emotional relationship with another woman, who was also married. The woman admitted to her husband only to the act of kissing, but my husband denies it, saying he did not touch or kiss her, or even go inside of her place where they met several times. She says he came into her place 3 times. I forgave him of the relationship and he has worked hard the last two months, and continues to do so, to rebuild my trust. Unfortunately, I have new evidence, recovered messaging, that reveals a very sexually charged relationship and suggests that they possibly had full blown intercourse more than once before regretting it and before her husband's questioning of her heavy messaging with a man. Also, the messages reveal he sent her some final messages after this came to light, after asking forgiveness, telling her how much he misses her. I cannot talk to him about this as he is a very defensive person, lashes out verbally and physically on objects like punching the wall. He feels once I forgive him (but it was on the information known at the time) that we move forward and no longer bring up the situation. If I do, he says he already asked for forgiveness and that I am bringing up the past and throwing it in his face, need to get over it and move on. Right now, I put on a smile, show him the love and affection that I truly want to, because I do love him, but inside I am conflicted, burning with anger that I forgave him based on a lie and now know the truth, but feel I cannot do anything with it. I don't know how to handle this without him twisting it to condemn me for screwing up the mending and healing process and accusing me of being unable to let go of the past, forgive and move on. I know I can let go of it and fully forgive only if he comes clean.