I am 61 & attempting to still grow & change in areas I feel have a need. Being over weight-I am attempting to lose weight. there is a particular concern I have about myself that has lead to problems, when I find faults with any of my loved ones, I share it with others. I am not jealous, & I don't think my self esteem is low because I am mother, grandmother, friend...with most of them. I never confront them & don't feel that they can handle it, or that my advice would be welcomed. I feel like sharing my frustrations helps me to bare it...& maybe that's why I share since I don't have a support group myself. I have been there for my family..been the one that sympathizes, cheers or offer any support they may need. And, have been their cheerleader so long that I feel very taken for granted...Maybe, me speaking to some other sibling about a fault relieves me somehow. I want to stop this...to just see whatever it is I see, and not voice my opinion on it. I am tired of focusing on them...what they aren't doing, what they should do..and I want them to stop coming to me all the time with their demands for me. what can I do... I am going to start by praying...but I want some understanding...also.