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Charming Persuasion

It’s tough to change someone’s opinion, especially when it’s tied to a strong belief. Persistent nudging only makes you come across as obnoxious. These are the tricks that successful persuaders use to get others to do what they want — as well as warning signs that someone’s trying to influence you.
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Are You Persuasive Enough?

By Susan Newman Ph.D.

A new study explains how confirmation bias keeps beliefs steadfast.
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How to Bring Someone to Their Senses

By Tim Carey Ph.D.

A consideration of what’s involved.

Caveat Venditor!

By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D.

Negotiating between anchors and low-balls

Wanting to Speak, Not Listen

By Gregory R. Maio Ph.D.

Emotional language can be used to detect an intent to persuade.