The Golden Age of Conspiracy Theories

Faux moon landings and Area 51 are quaint ideas compared with the proliferation of fake news and the dismissal of science. More than 50 percent of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory or another. Is it getting worse? Cover Image: FerGregory/Shutterstock
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The Vices of Conspiracy Thinking

By Katherine Hawley Ph.D.

When a friend is tempted by conspiracy theories, how should we respond?
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Intriguing Stories

By Daniel Freeman, Ph.D. and Jason Freeman

Are some people more likely to endorse these beliefs than others?
Image from Pixabay, with permission

The Characteristics of the Conspiracist

By Steven Caldwell Brown Ph.D.

Why conspiracy theorists’ need to feel unique.
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Flat Earthers: Belief, Skepticism, and Denialism

By Joe Pierre M.D.

When people reject facts, what do they really believe?