Character Day – Free Inspiring Movie on Character Strengths

You’ll be glad you spent 8 minutes watching this movie.

Posted Mar 20, 2014

These are questions asked by humans throughout history. You might be asking these questions yourself. Following the groundbreaking scientific VIA Classification of human strengths (which some call “The Periodic Table of Character Strengths”), there is now a framework for discussing these questions.

And, what would be a better way to explore character strengths than to watch a movie about it!?

Join people all over the world today in premiering Tiffany Shlain's new film The Science of Character. The 8 minute film explores the social science and neuroscience behind character development and how we can shape who we are. Individuals and groups (over 1500 schools and organizations are screening) can watch the film, join the global Q & A, and dive into free online discussion guides and curated lists of media that can help develop each character strength at

Watch the full film (8 minutes) here. You’ll be glad you did.

There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about character, about character strengths, and about the science of character. But it is refreshing to see someone get it right.

Check out one of the images below from the film that lists the 24 character strengths and 6 virtues.

Time for Action!

Don’t stop there, take action! You have many choices for continuing your learning, self-development, and positively impacting others. I offer a number of questions below to help you find the next course of action that might be the best fit for you.

Want to identify your highest strengths of character?

  • Take the VIA Survey that measures them. What are your highest strengths? How will you express them more strongly in your life?

Curious to learn more about these character strengths and where they come from?

Ready to dig deep into learning and applying these character strengths? … With yourself or with employees, students, or clients?

Ready to receive personal coaching on your character strengths?

  • Check out Character Strengths Coaching here. Sessions performed by Skype or phone to anywhere in the world and all sessions are conducted by staff at the internationally-known VIA Institute.

Want to learn more about the nonprofit organization that initiated the science of character and champions these character strengths?

  • Go to the VIA Institute on Character page here.