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Marci Fox, Ph.D.
Marci G. Fox Ph.D.

20 Ways to Get the Job You Want

20 essential tips to finding that job you want

You can help make the job you want happen. The key is believing in you. Plant your feet firmly on the path to the job you desire. Take the time to free yourself of the shackles of doubt so you can see yourself in the most positive accurate way. Confidence is what allows you to see the asset you are. Dream, plan, try and stretch yourself to get that job you desire.
Read more ways to gain confidence on your job pursuit:

1. Stay Positive - Remind yourself of all the positive qualities and skills you bring to any job by making a list.

2. Put Your Best Qualities Forward - Keep in mind that you are a composite of all those wonderful qualities and be prepared to share them at your next possible job opportunity.

3. Inner Confident Shows - Inner confidence shines through on the outside and others are attracted to it.

4. Cheer Yourself On - Be your own cheerleader and make it clear what you have to offer.

5. No One is Perfect - Recognize everyone has short-comings and you don't have to be perfect to be an asset.

6. Learning is Always a Possibility - If the job requires a new skill, confidently acknowledge that you can gain that skill.

7. Eliminate Stress - Recognize new situations are likely to create stress but you can handle the stress knowing you are capable and will get through it.

8. Open Your Mind - Be open-minded and try a new path and see where it takes you.

9. It's Not All Or Nothing - Don't over value the job you are applying for.

10. No Job is Perfect - There is no such thing as the one perfect job that got away.

11. New Opportunities Await - If one job does not work out, there will be others along the way.

12. The Job Hunt is Your Job - Treat job hunting like a job and schedule specific hours to work on it.

13. Everyone Needs Personal Time S0 Take A Break - It's important to schedule in time for you to take time out to relieve stress through exercise, hobbies, or planned fun time with family or friends.

14. Look For New Hobbies- Schedule in those pleasant activities which keep you feeling good.

15. Exercise Strengthens The Mind - Schedule in time to exercise as it is good for the body and good for the head.

16. Discover Something New - Take the time to try something new and experience that sense of accomplishment.

17. Ask Friends For Help - Don't isolate from your friends as you are not the first or the last person to look for a job.

18. You Can Handle Anything Life Throws At You - Think back to all the difficult situations and problems you have tackled and believe in the confidence you have earned.

19. Keep Your Confidence - Don't let your confidence get rattled when the path gets bumpy.

20. Celebrate Small Victories - Give yourself credit for every step you take and celebrate each victory no matter how small.

About the Author
Marci Fox, Ph.D.

Marci Fox, a licensed psychologist and international speaker, is the co-author of Think Confident, Be Confident.