A Life Interrupted: The Tim Bransfield Story

A Life Interrupted: The Tim Bransfield Story; A Story of One Man’s Courage

Posted Jul 14, 2015

In the summer of 2002, Tim Bransfield had it all. He had just graduated from Masconomet high school in Topsfield, Massachusetts, where he was the star of his baseball team. He was weeks away from beginning a new life in college. Then Tim crashed his mother’s car head-on into a tree at eighty miles per hour, and, as he says in his book, “everything went dark.” Tim spent the next sixty days in a coma, waking to find that his world had changed forever.

Tim Bransfield, used with permission
Source: Tim Bransfield, used with permission

The traumatic brain injury Tim sustained as a result of his car accident was not unique. But Tim’s courage and drive to overcome adversity is. Tim relays what it was like to be popular and admired, only to see so many of his so-called friends (and his girlfriend) vanish as a result of the symptoms and disabilities from his accident. He experienced

deep feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression, and he shares with his readers the things that motivated him to continue getting out of bed in the mornings, including his love of baseball and his desire to attend college. He discusses the way his mother was his saving grace, along with the friends who stuck by him, his dog, and his faith in God.

In October 2003, Tim started working with me in the area of neurofeedback. He had severe problems with both long-term and short-term memory; in the beginning, he could not tell you what he had for breakfast that day. Over the course of our neurofeedback work, Tim made great progress. But there were large chunks of his memory that were permanently lost, or so I thought.

As I wrote in my introduction to Tim’s book, I’d always been taught to believe that when a person has severe memory loss due to a trauma, any new information coming in during the accident and in the early stages of recovery would not be permanently registered in the brain. But through Tim, I discovered that what I had been trained to believe was not true. There was an event that happened in my office that changed everything, a moment when Tim referred to someone on my team whom he had met many times, but who he had never been able to recall before. With continued work, Tim was able to remember everything that had happened to him since the accident. Through Tim, I discovered that all of the cells in our bodies record all of our experiences, and with the right stimulus, lost memories can actually be retrieved.

If you’ve had a brain injury and are looking for hope, courage, inspiration, and motivation, I highly recommend Tim’s book.

Tim’s book A Life Interrupted: The Tim Bransfield Story can be purchased on his website. 

-Dr. Diane