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Elizabeth Wagele
Elizabeth Wagele

How to Achieve Success

What the “Achiever” archetype can contribute to you.

Achiever desk

The office of an Achiever

You may not be an Achiever personality type yourself, but it's possible to call upon the strengths of this style when you want to succeed at something. Achievers have a drive to win and are productive, optimistic, charming, and polite. They have the ability to:
• inspire people as leaders
• read people
• be efficient (for example as politicians and as attorneys) and
• solve problems

Famous Achievers include Maria Shriver, Tom Cruise, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Anthony Robbins, Sting, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, and Tiger Woods. Achievers work hard and like to perform. Being pragmatists, they're goal-oriented. Most of them don't worry too much about taking risks because they're optimistic. Being ambitious and enterprising, if something doesn't work out, they'll try again or try something else. They are frequently influenced by the personalities next to theirs, the Helper and/or the Romantic. Achievers are usually extraverted. Some are introverts, however, and may prefer to put their work in the limelight instead of themselves.

Mandy started out as a residence hall leader. She liked that so much she studied leadership and gradually built up a successful business as executive coach for CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations (Apple Computers, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Intel).

Most people, if not all, are born their Enneagram type, however now and then someone shows up whose history appears to have influenced their type. For example, Romantics are known for longing for something they once had; I've known several who lost a parent when they were very young. Was that a coincidence or did that influence their type? On the other hand, my mother had some Perfectionist traits such as cleaning the house from top to bottom frequently. She tried to train me to be as neat and tidy as she was but it never caught on. It seems like I didn't take after my mother at all in certain ways.

You probably can't change your type but you can emulate someone of another type. If you want to climb the ladder of success, get to know some Achievers and do what they do. Hopefully, you will have already gotten to know who you are and figured out your own personality type. Einstein was an Observer type who followed his bliss by studying, thinking, and imagining. Romantics who are novelists or composers are fulfilling their need for self-expression. Emulating the Achiever style helps them when it comes time to putting their work out into the world.

Other traits of Achievers include being interested in their image-in the clothes they wear and looking chic; being so industrious they may become workaholics (if so, stress reduction is important); being competitive; and enjoying the role of mentor.

. Using the Enneagram for careers is a new use for the Enneagram. It has been used as a tool for psychological and spiritual growth-another kind of success-for many decades. To learn to accept oneself and others it's necessary to study all nine types.

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Elizabeth Wagele

Elizabeth Wagele was the co-author with Ingrid Stabb of The Career Within You: How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality.