Czechs Are Into Spanking, the U.S. Likes Three-ways

Sexual interests of various countries, as judged by Google searches.

Posted Jul 13, 2019

“Brits want threesomes, Germans like spanking, and Italians interested in cuckoldry” was the headline of an email I received recently. I think that would catch anyone’s attention and it certainly caught mine. Sent by an international dating app with 40 million users in 180 countries, it reported delving into Google searches for an odd assortment of sexual terms in order to come up with this and other fascinating information. Their selection of internet search terms was threesome, anal sex, cuckold, doggy style, and spanking. I find those terms rather arbitrary and certainly open to misinterpretation, but make of it what you will.

English-speaking countries such as the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom showed an interest in threesomes, with Spain, France, Greece, and Hungary showing the same percentage of searches—all between 28 and 39 percent. Threesomes come in a variety of combinations—all female, all male, 2 males and 1 female ,and 2 females and 1 male. Who was interested in exactly what sort of three-way arrangement was not explicated and I think this makes an enormous difference in who was searching for exactly what.

“Anal sex and doggy style came in second and third among English speakers.” I don’t see the two as similar. Doggystyle is just one of many positions of intercourse for hetero couples, not particularly unusual, and was most popular in the English-speaking countries. Anal sex showed up in about 20 percent of American searches and about 30 percent of Greeks'. That's not surprising since anal sex is often referred to as “Greek style." Romanians beat everyone at 50 percent. Maybe we should change our slang terms.

Cuckoldry, in the area of kink, means the act of sexual enjoyment a man might get from watching his wife or partner having sex with another man. Those in the English speaking countries specified above averaged about 16 percent interest in this topic while Spain and Portugal reached 31 percent and Italy 51 percent.

Spanking, which I have long associated with the British because of their harsh public school training, was the subject of less than 20 percent of searches for English speakers. The highest percentage seeking spanking information was the Czechs, but not by much.

I think we are all going to interpret this odd collection of statistical tidbits differently, partly according to our own national stereotypes. I confessed that I shared a popular conception of the effects of English boarding school practices, so perhaps their low number of Google searches on this topic was due to the fact that many already knew all they needed to about spanking; no research necessary.

What are we to make of all those Italians spying on their wives, or wanting to? Aren’t those hot-blooded Latin lovers known for their jealousy and possessiveness? Some perceptions are off somewhere. The dating site researchers, our individual prejudices, or other factors entirely like the number of young men in the labor force or those in steady relationships will affect search topics and how we interpret them.

No statistician I. I present this for you to chew on and think about. Do you know any Ukrainian or Belgian males? If so, ask them for input on what sexual interests their buddies have and decide if you can generalize their nation’s sexual predilections from that.