Men With Small Penises Can Have Happy Sex Lives

Men usually worry more about penis size than their prospective partners do.

Posted Aug 10, 2018

Source: Ivanko80/Shutterstock

Let’s start off with a sad truth: There are people who definitely prefer large penises—thick ones, long, thin ones, or ones that have a bend, left or right. If you are a man trying to get with someone who has a definite preference for something you don’t have, it’s too bad—but you are out of luck. There are people who will have a preference for what you do have. Even more so, there will be hundreds of people who don’t give a rat’s patooty about penis size or shape, or, if they do, it will be way down on their preference list.

If a person is looking primarily for a sexual encounter, size might be important. When it comes to choosing a life partner, or even a boyfriend for a while, qualities like kindness, generosity, intelligence, and humor are going to outweigh almost all physical attributes.

The first time someone asked me, “Do you mind a small penis?” my response was “Why? Do you have a selection from which I can choose?” He was so stunned he burst into laughter, which diffused his self-consciousness.

To avoid any embarrassment, a man might ask—before the clothing comes off for the first time—“How important is penis size to you?” If the answer is one he doesn’t want to hear, then, “What a shame. Thank you and goodnight.”

Let’s say he does have a small penis. It’s thin, or it’s short, or it’s both. What is he to do about that? Learn to be an excellent lover. I point out that millions of lesbians have very satisfying sex lives without any penis being present at all, so that he, too, can learn some of those love-making techniques, like using his lips, his hands, and his tongue in ways pleasing to them both.

There are positions for intercourse that work better for men with short penises. For intercourse with women, rear entry to the vagina can be very pleasurable, as is her sitting in his lap and doing the moving while they are joined. If a man is with another man, the prostate gland is only a very few inches inside the rectum, so penetration will be effective for massaging it even more than a longer one—and less likely to cause pain. 

A woman’s clitoris, the main organ of orgasmic pleasure for the majority of women, isn’t even on the inside and usually cannot be stimulated during intercourse by a penis of any size. Hands or mouths, tongue or fingers, are usually better suited for stimulation leading to orgasm.

Penis size is not a matter of choice; that is, one has what one has despite those spam emails about surefire enlargement methods. For the sake of one’s mental health, a man with a small penis needs to cultivate his charms, his ease in conversation, and an easy, confident touch. It will stand him in much better stead for finding a partner. She or he who may be disappointed in a new lover’s penis size needs to look at the qualities that were so attractive in the first place and enjoy those to the fullest. Here’s to pleasure for everyone!