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Grace Joubarne on Emotional Freedom

On the future of mental health

Eric Maisel
Source: Eric Maisel

The following interview is part of a “future of mental health” interview series that will be running for 100+ days. This series presents different points of view about what helps a person in distress. I’ve aimed to be ecumenical and included many points of view different from my own. I hope you enjoy it. As with every service and resource in the mental health field, please do your due diligence. If you’d like to learn more about these philosophies, services, and organizations mentioned, follow the links provided.


Interview with Grace Joubarne

EM: Can you tell us what you mean by “emotional freedom”?

GJ: Most mind-body-spirit practitioners recognize that virtually all illness and mental distress is rooted in an underlying emotional issue (belief), sometimes referred to as a psycho-spiritual disharmony.

Root-cause issues start in childhood, thereafter compounded by life experiences until a belief is solidly embedded as a subconscious driver of behavior. The seed of the problem is always a deep and persistent sense of being unsafe in one’s world.

Persistently feeling unsafe causes a person to develop coping mechanisms that can be very self-sabotaging—from dependencies and addictions to helplessness, depression and fears. For more information visit here

EM: You’re an advocate for a “stop psychotherapy takeover” movement. What’s that initiative about?

GJ: The Ontario government passed legislation in 1991 to prevent monopolization of the healthcare industry and to ensure that (a) all approaches to health and wellness--and particularly non-drug approaches—remain self-regulated through professional associations of voluntary membership, and (b) the choice in healthcare treatments remain solidly in the public domain.

Despite this intent, legislation was secretly passed that ultimately eliminates holistic, traditional, spiritual care, and energy and natural body approaches to wellness, including holistic education. This was accomplished by manufacturing the ‘psychotherapy’ profession out of what was considered to be a failed psychological intervention; and then redefining psychotherapy as being comprised of some three hundred or more approaches that holistic, non-drug practitioners utilize every day.

At the same time, drug-advocates using the ruse that ‘psychotherapy’ is dangerous, lobbied for the ‘controlled act of psychotherapy,’ which restricts all mental and emotional healthcare treatments exclusively to psychiatrists/MDs, nurses, psychologists, registered psychotherapists, social workers and occupational therapists—the very groups not trained or historically interested in mind-body-spirit approaches. This violates the Health Professions Regulations Act, the Constitution of Canada, the Competitions Act and stands to eliminate over 10,000 Ontario drugless practitioners.

The medical/drug company cartel has infiltrated the Ontario Ministry of Health at the highest level (the Minister is a medical doctor), and violates with impunity all personal liberties. Our goals are to have the controlled act repealed and ‘safe habour’ legislation installed for the protection of drug-less practitioners and approaches. The public is in grave danger until this is accomplished. For more information and to help visit here

EM: What are your thoughts on the current, dominant paradigm of diagnosing and treating mental disorders and the use of so-called psychiatric medication to treat mental disorders in children, teens and adults?

GJ: My personal view, based on seeing firsthand the results of labeling people (and especially highly suggestible children) with mere opinions and moral judgments by psychiatrists and psychologists, is that this whole mental illness industry has become a crime against humanity.

Normal human reactions to hardships, poverty, crisis, neglect, abuse and so on have now been medicalized. It is also my personal opinion that in most cases the deaths and permanent brain damage caused by the cavalier prescription of psychiatric drugs should be regarded as manslaughter, since for decades ethical members of the profession of psychiatry itself have stated there is no science to support any mental illness diagnosis.

Psychiatric drugs and electroshock have well-documented histories of causing suicides, homicides, ruined family units, permanent brain damage, stunted growth, sexual dysfunction, heart and gastrointestinal damage and so on, by the millions. Psychiatric drugs have caused epidemics of suicide and disability in children, epidemics of brain damage in all ages, catastrophic violence, epidemics of suicide in veterans and military and helped to cause the epidemic of drug addiction now seen in North America, wherein prescription drugs now create 5-6 times more drug addicts than street pushers do. It is said that Canada is now the #1 pill-pushing nation of the world. For eye-opening and life-saving facts please visit this site and this additional site

EM: If you had a loved one in emotional or mental distress, what would you suggest that he or she do or try?

GJ: I would suggest that (a) they avoid all psychiatric treatment at all costs; (b) find a clinical hypnotherapist trained in treating emotional distress to assist them; (c) undergo root-cause resolution of underlying emotional issues if indicated; and (d) use healthy coping mechanisms only, such as yoga, meditation, dietary supplementation, self-hypnosis, and dietary and lifestyle changes.

Prior to psychiatry and drug therapy, humane, empathic approaches resulted in almost 100% resolution of depression, schizophrenia and anxiety and the post-traumatic stresses of the Great Wars and Great Depression. Psychiatry forced providers of empathic therapies, such as the highly successful Soteria House and Quaker Hospitals, out of business by promising ‘magic pills’ for every ill.

We are now a shadow of our former selves, mostly weak, drug-addicted, helpless, chronically ill and disabled, with our lives defined by those who have appointed themselves superior to all others, without a shred of evidence to prove they are. The lure of the ‘magic pill’ and the ‘white coat syndrome’ together too often override our survival instincts. I would encourage a loved one, as I do my clients, to understand that we can heal ourselves and we will find resolution as long as we do not damage the very part of us that allows us to reason our way out of difficulty.


From Grace: I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, which means that I have acquired the training and experience necessary to deal with emotional and mental distress founded in deeper root issues. My training is listed here. I specialize in addictions resolution, all forms of anxiety, serial infidelity, self-sabotaging issues, depression, fears, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Migraines.


Eric Maisel, Ph.D., is the author of 40+ books, among them The Future of Mental Health, Rethinking Depression, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Life Purpose Boot Camp and The Van Gogh Blues. Write Dr. Maisel at, visit him at, and learn more about the future of mental health movement at

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