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Music Video: The Super-Tough School Anti-Bully Law

Educational professionals need to watch my anti-bully law music video!

State legislatures throughout the country have been toughening up their anti-bully laws in the naive belief that making bullying illegal is going to make it disappear. Furthermore, what these laws do is hold the school legally responsible for making the bullying among kids disappear. While these laws cannot possibly magically make bullying stop, they do make it easy for parents to sue schools for failing to make the bullying stop. As a result, the U.S. (and the rest of the modern world) is experiencing a surge in lawsuits by disgruntled parents against their children's schools.

I have been warning for the last decade that these laws are the schools' worst enemy...that they won't eliminate bullying, but that they can eliminate schools by forcing them into bankruptcy. Schools have paid up to $4.5 million dollars to plaintiffs in individual cases. Actually, the schools would not go bankrupt because it's the taxpayers–you and I–who end up footing the bill in these astronomical settlements.

Unfortunately, people don't pay much attention to these writings of mine. Everyone, including the school administrators who are endangered by these laws, think the laws are a great idea because no one can fathom that there can possibly be anything wrong with an anti-bully sounds like such a wonderful idea.

My daughter, Lola, has helped me create a music video that I hope will do a better job at jolting people to their senses.

If you like the message of the video (and even if you don't!) I would be grateful if you sent it out to whoever may be interested.

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