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Energy Healing

Gathering energy for self-healing and increased vitality.

I recently interviewed Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, a family medicine doctor trained in integrative medicine who is also an energy healer. I learned a lot from our conversation which you can listen to here.

Energy healing, or energy medicine, is something that's used in conventional medicine when we do MRIs or other types of scanning and many other procedures. We just don't call it that. In complementary and alternative medicine, energy healing includes Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Healing Touch and many other modalities. Acupuncture is also a form of energy healing.

Disease results from an imbalance or blockage in our body's vital energy. By removing the blockage or stimulating the flow of energy, our body can naturally heal itself. Dr. Chiasson described depression, for example, as a disconnection of the energy body from our physical body. In her work with depression, she tries to "ground" a person's energy lower in the body in order to heal the depression.

Energy healing is not always immediate and often is enhanced by self-healing techniques of energy medicine including toe tapping and others which she describes in her DVD sold on Sounds True, "Energy Healing for Beginners."

I also found it interesting that Dr. Chiasson says that the energy in our bodies is not ours. It comes from the earth's magnetic field, in her opinion. Blocked energy can result in chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia or chronic pelvic pain. It's as if there is a lot of energy trying to flow through the body but the channels are blocked and energy gets stuck. The place you feel the pain may not actually be the source of the blockage. For example, elbow pain may result from inflammation or blocked energy in the shoulder. Addictions may show up in the energy body as an excess of anxiety.

There are simple techniques such as just putting your hands on a part of your body that feels in pain or uncomfortable. Automatically, you may find that your hands "turn on" — they may become warm or tingly or even cold. This is healing energy and you can direct it to any part of your body that needs healing or to increase your level of energy during the day when you feel tired.

Dr. Chiasson says we are born with a supply or yolk sack of energy that we use up by about age 40. After that, we need to gather more energy through daily exercise, being in nature, listening to healing music. We also need to be aware of the stagnation of energy or blocks to our energy body that eventually may cause disease. The disease will first manifest in our energy body and then in the physical body oftentimes.

Simple exercises in energy healing can restore normal energy flow in the body and facilitate healing. This is healing on a deeper level.