Strengthen Your New Year's Resolutions

Use this "mental technology" to keep your goals front and center.

Posted Jan 04, 2019

(c) Shutterstock, used with permission
Source: (c) Shutterstock, used with permission

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? That’s great!

Just remember, that saying you’ll do things differently is not the same as actually doing so. People make countless New Year’s resolutions, but we rarely follow through.

Why not use some “mental technology” to help? Create a mental Password, like a personal motto, to remind you of your New Year’s resolution. For example:

Password - “Your Name STRONG”

From “Kitchen Magician” to “Person of the Year” – what is your Password for excellence in 2019?

Your mind works something like a computer, running internal “programs” - the habits you've learned and practiced throughout your life.  Using this “mind as an information-processor” analogy, think of your Password as a word used to access your internal programs and change your behavior.

You can create a Password to remind you who you are NOT going to be in 2019. This is known as a Reverse Password, a negative label useful for deleting unwanted habits. Reverse Passwords such as “Pack Rat” or “Procrastinator” can help you to catch yourself performing an unwanted behavior, and this is the first step to changing your patterns.

Even better, create a positive affirmation of who you'll be in the New Year. Give yourself a Positive Password such as “Super Student” or “Thrifty Saver.”  Be creative - the sky’s the limit!

Let your mental Password act like a key to unlock your psyche, and boost your motivation.  Repeat your Password to yourself often to keep your goal front and center.  This helps you change your programming and create a positive, personal transformation.  Use your Password to upgrade your operating system!