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Less Sperm, More Egg: Martha Beck's Four Technologies

The four technologies of magic

In Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this 5 part blog series about embracing a more feminine way of manifesting your dreams, I discussed how striving to make something happen is neither the most joyful way to “get ahead” nor the most effective. But if you want to be more “eggy,” but you’ve spent most of your life being “spermy”, you might wonder what you can do to facilitate your personal transformation so that, whether you’re male or female, you can learn to be more egg, less sperm.

Personally, I’ve been operating the way I so often do – trying to learn all this the hard way ever since Dr. Christiane Northrup told me to be less sperm, more egg over two years ago. I had a vague notion of what she meant. But there was no owner’s manual, no step-by-step guide describing how to manifest your dreams in a more feminine way.

Finding Your Way In A Wild New World

At least, it didn’t exist until Martha Beck wrote it in her latest book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World. It will be impossible to summarize an entire book of science and spiritually-based practices and exercises in one blog post, so please, if you’re a visionary longing to help heal the world, please, please, please buy a copy for yourself and buy three more to give to the visionaries in your life.

With that disclaimer, let me see if I can boil down what Martha teaches in this book into an appetizer you can digest.

The 4 Technologies of Magic

Martha breaks down the process of bringing into form that which you desire in order to be a force for healing the world into what she calls the “4 technologies of magic.”

WORDLESSNESS: The 1st Technology Of Magic

The first requires moving from your thinking, word-forming, “we’re all separate so every man for himself” left brain into your intuitive, feeling, “we’re all connected” healer’s right brain. In other words, you can’t think or plan or write or sperm your way to making magic happen. Essentially, the techniques Martha teaches in her book are forms, for lack of better language, with which to call something language-less – energy medicine.

She compares the 4 technologies of magic to our use of computers and the internet. If we’re all connected and we’re nothing more than interdependent vibrations of energy as scientists have proven, then essentially, we live in The Matrix (you saw the movie The Matrix, right? And What The Bleep Do We Know!? And neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor’s fabulous TED talk about what she learned from having a stroke? If not, go out and watch all three.)

If we can manipulate The Matrix to bring into form something that begins only as an idea, then dropping into Wordlessness is how we log onto the Energy Internet. Most of the techniques for moving from your limited left to your unlimited right brain are forms of meditation practice. For example, one of my favorites Martha calls “sense-drenching.”

Close your eyes and picture yourself looking at something beautiful without using words to describe it to yourself. Then add in your favorite taste, your favorite smell, your favorite soft thing to feel, your favorite sound. Try holding all five sensations in your mind without using words. If you’re able to do this, you’ll be operating from your right, not your left brain, and you’ll be automatically Wordless.

ONENESS: The 2nd Technology Of Magic

My favorite of the three technologies, Oneness practices are built upon the idea that we are not independent, separate beings but part of a collective consciousness that vibrates together, that what affects one of us affects all of us, and therefore, that we can communicate with and influence each other without using words.

If dropping into Wordlessness allows you to access the Energy Internet, tapping into a sense of Oneness allows you to send emails. With the practices Martha teaches in this section, you can learn to “become one” with a fork and bend it, listen to messages from trees (she calls the “The Aunties”) or allow the veggies at the farmer’s market to tell you which ones your body craves, call in the animals (Martha called in 1000’s of whales and made international news), and send telepathic communication to other humans, leading them to take actions they don’t even realize they’re taking.

IMAGINATION: The 3rd Technology Of Magic

The 3rd and 4th technologies of magic require practicing and mastering the techniques Martha teaches for tapping into Wordlessness and Oneness. (This is not easy. I’ve been trying – with some success I’ll blog about soon. But start practicing now. It’s like going to the gym – the more you do it, the better the results.)

Once you’ve got Wordlessness and Oneness down pat, you can start Imagining what wants to happen in service to the world. For example, I’ve been Imagining for years what it would look like to heal our health care system. (You can read about my Vision To Heal Health Care here). But now that I’m clear what that could look like, it’s time to employ Martha’s techniques for Imagining – and bring in others who share my vision so we can all Imagine together.

To do this, I gather my team and we tap into what she calls the “Everywhen,” and we feel for what wants to happen – not just what we want to happen, but what yearns to happen. (There’s a subtle but important difference here that has less to do with me and my own ego and much more to do with planetary healing.)

When you Imagine your vision, The Matrix kicks into high gear trying to deliver on a silver platter anything you need to bring this vision into reality.

FORMING: The 4th Technology Of Magic

The last technology of magic is about forming – not forcing – whatever you want (in other words, how to manifest your dreams by being less sperm, more egg.)

The secret Martha reveals in this section is not what you’ll expect to hear. In fact, it may sound downright maddening. But in my opinion, the 4th technology of magic is far easier than the 1st or 2nd. While it depends upon tapping into Wordlessness and Oneness, Forming requires following only three rules.

  1. Play until it’s time to rest.
  2. Rest until it’s time to play.
  3. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Then you get to act like a good little egg and just sit back and watch the sperm come to you bearing gifts and wearing little black hats and bow ties with roses between their teeth. (Yes, I did steal that vivid spermy image from Where Do Babies Come From?, the book my parents used to teach me about the birds and the bees. It’s awesome. Read it.)

Does It Work?

I’m still in shock about how effective these techniques have proved to be in my own life. Money, passion, joyous life experiences, business opportunities, glorious new friends, and people committed to helping me bring my vision to life are literally falling at my feet. And the same blessings long to fall at yours.

So read Martha’s book and try these techniques yourself. And stay tuned. Because the magic resulting from my daily practice of these techniques is still unfolding in my own life, and I’ll certainly be sharing the details with you here. (Be sure you’re on my newsletter list so you don’t miss anything super juicy).

And because, in the words of my friend Mama Gena, “Unexpressed blessings turn to shit,” I have to say thank you to Martha Beck for uplifting my life in countless ways. Bless you Martha. I love you to pieces!

Will You Try It?

Are you on board? Will you give the 4 technologies of magic a try? Are you ready to finally try being less sperm, more egg? Share your thoughts.


Lissa Rankin

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