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Accessing Your Creative Intelligence

Making the time to let your best ideas come through you

Posted Nov 08, 2013

My answer to both of the questions is underwater. Nope, I don't have a waterproof tablet or smart phone, but I do find that getting in water is one of my main ways to unleash the creative intelligence that’s within me and inside of everyone of us when we get quiet enough to let it emerge.

I discovered this when I was living and working on Maui, Hawaii and started my day at 6:30 AM by getting in the ocean instead of putting all of my attention on my task list or jumping on the computer first thing.

I put on my snorkel and dove underwater and listened to my breath. By doing that my mind would get very still while my body became more and more relaxed, and as a result all of these creative ideas and solutions to challenges would come to me. I would stay underwater for 15 minutes or so while this download was pouring through me and then I would come up and eagerly run home and write. In fact I wrote an entire book that way and continue to use my immersion in water, as a way to create whether it is in my shower, a hot tub or a pool.  I believe my brain has gotten so used to this process that within seconds when I get into water the key to my creative self gets unlocked.  As Dr. Joe Dispenza who many met through the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know? ” says: “We know physiologically that nerve cells that fire together wire together. If you practice something over and over, those nerve cells have a long-term relationship”. I sense that the creative part of my brain is now wired to spark as soon as my body/mind hits the water. What Dr. Joe shares is key as each of us can explore and discover ways to rewire our body/minds to access our creative genius.

Back to the Water

Now that I am living in the San Francisco area and not inspired enough to swim in the ice, cold bay, I begin my day very early by going to a warm saltwater pool and doing the exact same process. In fact, this morning the idea to write this blog came to me around lap three. And by the way if you are thinking, “ But I have a job to get to or my kids wake me up, so I have no time to get quiet or creative”, I understand completely. But even if you can set your alarm five minutes earlier I suggest trying to begin your day, after your body has rested and your mind is a blank canvass to get quiet and listen vs. getting caught up in your thoughts and jumping on your smart phone, laptop or tablet first thing. I have to admit that it's challenging for me some mornings not to want to see if someone ordered a product or sent me an email to invite me to come speak or find out whose birthday it is on Facebook, but I found that since part of my joy and occupation involves coming up with new thoughts and sharing them through print, audio and video I had to make an iron clad commitment to begin my day in the water versus sitting at my desk.

I believe that everyone of us has the ability to boost our creative muscle so I encourage you to reflect on how if you are not doing it now, can start your day to access creative thoughts and ideas, whether its by meditating, journaling, exercising, or painting even for a few moments to activate a creative impulse which can set a tone for your entire day and make a difference in how you communicate, problem solve and more. I have a friend who starts his day by writing one page a day and he has written over 25 books that way.

Each of us has the ability to be creative and allow those wonderful thoughts and imaginary visions to come through us just like we did when we were children, however our logistical minds and our addictions to our many technological toys often keeps us from getting quiet enough to pay attention to the creative thoughts that want to come through.

And if the AM is not the best time I still encourage you to take short breaks and pauses to reboot your mind and body by getting quiet and listening to your breath, scanning your body and relaxing your mind. You might just find that great new idea for your business or get an insight on how to boost your health or make your personal relationships better. You just never know what might appear. In the words of Albert Einstein, “ “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”