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Who Else Wants to Write a Book in 2016?

Four experts weigh in on how to start your first book.

Posted Dec 31, 2015

© Donna Barstow All Rights Reserved
Source: © Donna Barstow All Rights Reserved

You have some good ideas for your book, right? I do, too. Mine will be about...I'm not going to tell you. But there will be cartoons involved.

Here are some suggestions from experts on the first step you have to take to write a book:

  • Writer's Digest says you are asking for trouble if you don't have a deadline.
  • Angela Shelton, who I never heard of, says start with an outline.
  • Mythic Scribes says to write a 2 sentence pitch first (in screenwriting, this would be a logline.)
  • Live Bold and Bloom says you should decide whether your book will be fiction or non-fiction. And not to think about millions of dollars you could make.

What do you think? Are you writing a book now? And what will your book be about? That would be so interesting to read in the comments.

My last cartoon asked if you have this common problem. And suggestions for fixing it.

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