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Is Shopping an Investment in Your Future?

Tell people your clutter is really a collection. :)

Posted Sep 24, 2011

Even if your life is already full, with a great career and family, you might be missing a little something.

woman who has it all - great job, wife, mother - has clutter problem

Your significant other might call it clutter. We call it being a savvy, smart buyer at yard sales, flea markets, and on ebay, with a fabulous collection of something or other that keeps on growing, and growing. In this cartoon, it's depression collectibles: old shakers. (Depression collectibles were produced during the depression, and don't make you depressed, but rather inspire you to be happy!)

It's unstoppable, really. And very satisfying. And if worse comes to worse, call it an investment.

Here's a cartoon for niche buyers: shoes!

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Cartoon caption if it's too small: Woman sits at desk in big office in city and caption reads "Cecilia Thornton: CEO, Wife, Mother, and Collector of Salt & Pepper Shakers." Salt shakers fill her entire desk.

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