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5 Ways to Give a Compliment

Here's a positive psychology exercise we can all do today.

Here's a positive psychology exercise we can all do today.

Compliments help strengthen positive bonds, and typically boost the mood of both the giver and receiver.

Best Friends Forever by Don LaVange.

Here are some phrases to get you started thinking about how to give a compliment. I'm going to use giving a compliment to a friend as the example.

1. How does your friend inspire you to try new things?

For example, your friend joined a CSA or makes their own jam and inspired you to try these things.

2. How does your friend inspire you to be yourself more?

For example, your friend went backpacking with their toddler. You might not be interested in doing this yourself, but you were inspired by them doing life their own way.

3. What qualities do you admire in your friend?

For example, your friend is very resourceful or a great connector.

4. How does your friend help you feel accepted for being yourself?

For example, do you have a quirky/obsessive habit or interest that some people tease you about but your friend is supportive of?

5. When you see your friend being self-accepting or self-compassionate, how does that inspire you to do the same?

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photo credit: Best Friends Forever by Don LaVange