Hypnosis and Odd Experiences

The positive and negative side of hypnotherapy.

Posted Aug 03, 2018

Every tool used in medicine has its benefits and its problems. Hypnosis has become a major tool for many different specialties because it can work wonders. Unfortunately, because it has become so popular, there are many professionals, even doctors, who take a weekend course and feel that they are able to utilize hypnosis in many ways that might actually be outside the scope of their expertise. Like with any tool or practice, good training and experience are the most important factors to develop a practitioners expertise. The key here is the Scope of Practice, a concept that refers to what area of expertise are you most comfortable with and are confident that you can utilize hypnosis or any tool, correctly with desired results. 

Hypnosis is like playing a guitar—anyone can learn a few chords, but it takes years to become a great musician, or great hypnotherapist. It still is extremely unlikely that even a poorly trained practitioner could do any harm to their client by using hypnosis inadequately, although it may not be effective or very successful when not done in the best way. However, the “right way to do hypnosis” is a highly disputed issue. There are many ways to approach a problem, many ways to perform hypnotherapy, many possible issues to deal with, so realistically, it is very difficult to claim there is only one correct way to hypnotize someone. There are actually many effective ways to use hypnosis that can help people in countless ways. 

I do read many comments on this blog of the ODD EXPERIENCES people have using hypnosis.  Since it is an “altered state of consciousness” the idea that people have “odd” or “weird” feelings is completely normal. Our mind is capable of an enormous variety of experiences that are far from normal. That is part of the reason it can be a powerful tool, because it is different from normal wakefulness and access to the deeper parts of the mind often require that odd or altered state. The main point here is this: hypnosis is a very useful tool to help people, it is extremely unlikely to ever be dangerous to anyone’s health or well being. It is not always going to work a miracle, or transform a person’s life instantly, but it can potentially be very valuable and useful. 

Please review my other articles about hypnosis here and learn more about it. If you want to try using it, check that the practitioner at least has a few years of experience to get the most out of it however, usually the worst that can happen is just a waste of time and money. On the positive side, you may be one of those people who experience the miracle power of hypnosis and make a major transformation in your life.