Why Planned Parenthood is an Exceptionally Worthy Charity

Make politicians' efforts to eviscerate Planned Parenthood backfire!

Posted Sep 24, 2015

Fibonacci Blue, CC 2.0
Source: Fibonacci Blue, CC 2.0

Some politicians want to de-fund Planned Parenthood for it having done the right thing: Instead of tossing out fetal tissue, okay, body parts, from abortions, it provides them to medical researchers. Not only does that facilitate medical studies, it adds slightly to Planned Parenthood's resources.

Those politicians' actions are particularly reprehensible because Planned Parenthood does extraordinarily important work on behalf of women and men. Imagine you were a teen who, like so many, have questions about sex: Should I do it? Without a condom? What sort of birth control? I worry that my partner or I have an STI. What should I do? I'm pregnant! Now what? I want an abortion but my parents will kill me! Planned Parenthood has long been a safe place to get fair-minded exploration of those issues and yes, if wanted, an abortion or vasectomy.

Beyond the benefit to teens and adults, think of the benefit to children yet unborn. How wonderful to be born to a mom and dad who are eager and ready to be parents. How much worse to be born to a parent who is not ready. Wanted children are more likely to be well-adjusted and grow up to be productive adults. Unwanted kids are more likely to be unhappy, unsuccessful, and turn to drug abuse and crime.

And wisely, Planned Parenthood has extended its services to men: STI and birth control counseling, vasectomies, erectile dysfunction counseling, cancer screening, etc.

And Charity Navigator, which evaluates charities on financial performance, accountability, and transparency, rates Planned Parenthood 92.42 out of 100.

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