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20 Ways to Reduce Stress When Flying

Airplane travel can be fun!

The Psychology of Traveling

Airplane traveling can really test your stress levels. But there are ways to reduce that stress.

1. No jokes at security. You may have a sense of humor at par with some great stand-up comedians, but TSA will not appreciate it.

2. Talk to people you don't know. I've met people during my travels with whom I am still friends. And it's nice to have camraderie during the hectic pace of travel.

3. Use a packing list. This prevents the "uh-oh" feeling when you get to the airport. I'm a fan of the Packing Pro app for Apple. (No, I don't have an endorsement from them. But I'm open to possibilities.) ;)

4. If you have the extra money to buy extended leg room or "preferred seating", it is well worth it.

5. Do carry-on as much as possible. Less luggage to lose. Just remember to take your luggage out of the overhead bin before you disembark the plane.

6. Expect good things to happen.

7. Remember to have fun. Don't take things too seriously.

8. Stay in the here-and-now. Worried about making your connection, and you haven't even left the house yet? Take a deep breath and remember - you

9. Do a double-check before you leave the plane. Do you have your wallet, keys, phone, tablet, PC with you?

10. Always keep your car keys in your carry-on.

11. If overhead bin space is full and you need to check your carry-on bag, make sure you take your medication, glasses/contacts and keys out first.

12. Remember there are always things beyond our control. It's not the events, it's our reaction to the events that make a difference.

13. Be polite. Everyone has things going on in their lives, and a nice "hello", "excuse me", or "please" can help people feel better.

14. Read a little bit about where you are going. Knowing the history of a place helps you see it in a new way.

15. Stake out some good restaurants and activities whil

16. Sleep as much as possible on the plane. Treat it as a "no time zone".

17. To get enough sleep, bring ear plugs, a sleep mask to cover your eyes,

18. Stay hydrated on the plane. Water, not alcohol.

19. Be kind to airline staff. Be the person that greets them with a smile.

20. Remember, travel issues make for good stories later.

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