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The 3 Reasons Why People Unfollow You on Twitter

Research lets you know why you are losing followers.

There are 3 main reasons why people unfollow you on Twitter. These 3 reasons were actually determined in research by Kwan et al. (2011). Ready for the 3 big no-nos? Here we go.

1. You tweet too much.

A tweet a minute? A bit much. Overload. Even celebrities that get paid per tweet (yes, some do, and they get some serious cash from it) don't usually tweet that much. Even if something is super-exciting and you tweet incessantly for 5 minutes, give it a rest for a while. Let your followers come down from their tweet overdose before you tweet again.

2. You tweet about boring topics.

Now one person's boring is not another person's boring. Bert on "Sesame Street" is into pigeons, bottle caps, and oatmeal. And we don't begrudge him that. It's part of his charm. However, if Bert was only tweeting about oatmeal (for example, the pros and cons of rolled vs. steel cut) all day, he probably would drop some followers. Granted, there are oatmeal aficionados out there, and they would appreciate Bert's tweets. But oatmealophiles are way outnumbered.

3. You give mundane details about your life.

No one really cares that you're going to the grocery store to buy milk. Really. (Except maybe the person who wanted you to buy the milk in the first place.) No one wants a play-by-play of your day - unless you are super-famous or you have a super-cool job or super-cool adventures. And the odds are that you're in neither of those categories.

Now if you were going to the grocery store to buy milk and there was a grizzly bear checking out at the register, that is something to tweet about. Maybe he's buying milk too.

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