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Signs and Omens: Are They For Real?

Signs and Omens - All in Our Heads?

A study finds that 7- to 9-year-old children that have an idea/concept of a supernatural force are more likely to allow a "sign" to influence their behavior. Children in this age group who do not have an idea/concept of a supernatural force do not interpret "signs" as such.

For younger children, the knowledge of a supernatural force does not influence behavior when a "sign" is given.

I'm not thrilled about the author's ADD quip, but the study is interesting nonetheless.…

I'm a believer in intuition and "signs", so this is really food for thought.  It reminds me of something a friend once said - "If you look hard enough for a sign, you'll find one."  That kind of bristled me at the time, but in the context of this study, it is interesting to re-examine that statement.

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