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Michele Woodward
Michele Woodward

The Holy Grail of Unstuck

Can you get unstuck?

The other morning I woke to a lovely email from a lovely woman. She said: "More than anyone, you're the one who inspires me to do different...not more, not less, just different."

"Huh", I said to myself, rather surprised, "she's uncovered the Holy Grail of Unstuck."

Because getting unstuck - despite all the hype to the contrary - is not about Go Big Or Go Home. The only person who benefits from that approach is the person who wants to sell you a biggification program at a low-low price.

And getting unstuck is not about the minimalism of a four hour work week. To tell you the truth, just as I am constitutionally unable to drive 55, I am unable to work four hours and call it a week. I just get too much meaning and purpose from what I do.

No, getting unstuck is mostly about Doing Something Different. Just something. Just trying.

Fear usually rears its ugly head when you try something different. Ever discovered that? The "what if?" fear. The "what will people say?" fear. The "who will I be if I succeed?" fear.

But my email correspondent, who agreed that I could share her name with you - Crystal Williams, of Big Bright Bulb fame, went on to say, "The one sentence I heard, that you may forget having said, that did the heaviest lifting for me: 'I put everything on the table.'"

Like a knight of the Round Table, you slay the fear dragon when you put everything on the table. When you examine all your assumptions, limitations and sacred cows. That's how Crystal shifted her business into something more happy and more productive and, (dare I say it?) more successful.

If you're stuck, and can't figure out what to do next or which direction to head, try doing one thing differently - just one thing, putting everything on the table - and see what happens.

You might just find that Holy Grail you've been looking for.

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Michele Woodward

Michele Woodward is the author of I Am Not Superwoman: Further Essays on Happier Living and Lose Weight, Find Love, De-Clutter & Save Money: Essays on Happier Living.

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