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The 31 Day Love Life Makeover

What Do You Really Want From Love? Watch Episode 2 of Love Life Makeover

Murilo Folgosi /Pexels
love life makeover
Source: Murilo Folgosi /Pexels

In week two of the Love Life Makeover series, I coach love mentee, Nadette, on how to access her ideal self and set a love intention. Deciding what you really want from a relationship starts with identifying what I call your "Diamond Self." This is the greatest version of yourself that you can imagine-free of preconceived notions or fears. Getting in touch with this self helps you to then identify what you truly need from a relationship, whether you're already in one or are looking.

Setting a love intention, which is a phrase or mantra that spells out what you want from love, is the next step in moving towards your love goals. Watch the video to learn more about how to use a love intention and to find out how Nadette's love life makeover is going.

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