Contribute Now: Study of Post Traumatic Growth in COVID-19

Seeking participants to gain insight into pandemic stress and resilience.

Posted Jul 07, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in the Coping and Outcomes Pandemic Effects Study Group (COPES) survey of stress, resilience, and post traumatic growth during COVID-19.

Your contribution will help researchers and clinicians better understand and respond to the current pandemic and future pandemics. The more responses we receive, the better. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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Who we are: We are mental health experts and researchers from across the United States studying stress, post traumatic growth, resilience, and disaster mental health during the pandemic. We are sharing a study to look at important mental health aspects in COVID-19.

Our purpose: We are studying the effects of stress on psychological functioning and well-being in real-time, as COVID-19 continues to unfold. The survey is anonymous, and participants can respond now and opt to complete a follow-up in several months. Studying the impact of COVID-19 at this point and follow-up allows us to collect more reliable data than retrospective research designs, which look back in time.

The survey: This survey will allow us to look prospectively at a number of questions about how people cope with prolonged stress like COVID-19. We hope that it will allow us to identify risk factors for poor mental health as well as strengths that may promote better adaptation to global challenges in the future.

Start now: COPES COVID19 Survey

Please share. Thank you for your participation.

The COPES Group


The survey includes copyrighted materials such as the CD-RISC screening tool, as well as research-specific IRB approval (University of North Dakota), along with Qualtrics licensing.   If you wish to use items from the survey for your own purposes (i.e., separate from collaboration with our group), you are welcome to do so, with the understanding that you must obtain permission from the proprietors of the CD-RISC, as well as utilize a separate survey platform and obtain independent IRB approval if doing research.