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Smart travel is good travel

So, here I am, on a plane, writing “tips for traveling stress free.” I travel a lot, and with all that you have to go through these days just to get on a plane, I have a few helpful tips that might assist you on your journey through an airport.

  1. A. A.Get the right size carry-on. It is stressful when you have a bag that will not fit into the overhead bin. I have watched people hit, pound, slam, swear, etc… at their bag because it is so huge and full that it will just not fit into the bin. I have also seen a few security personnel at the security check not allow people to go through if their bag does not fit in the allotted space in their demo model (though a grocery bag would not even fit into that bin). So, play it safe, and have a bag that is the right size.

B. B. Once on the plane, go into your aisle and let others behind you pass to their aisle. There is always one person, usually with a bag that will not fit, who is in the middle of the aisle who is causing everyone else to wait, potentially delaying the flight. So, be kind and let others go by.

C. C. Remember to pack small liquids. Chances are good that where you are going, there will be a drug store, convenience store, or mall and you can always get your 5 pounds of hair gel there instead of having to bring it with you. It is pretty disappointing to watch a TSA agent throw out your liquids.

D. D. Wear shoes that slip on and off easily – it can be a real pain to have to tie and untie your shoes as you go through the security lines.

E. E. Have a place to put all of your stuff. Taking out your wallet, liquids, tissues, coins, keys, and whatever else can be time consuming and you may lose something. So, get everything into one place in your luggage other than your liquids. Do this prior to getting into the security line and you will get through quickly.

F. F. Fill up your tank of your car the night before – if you are running late you do not want to have to stop and get gas.

G. G. Bring cash and a credit card on the plane. Some airlines only take cash, and some only take credit cards, so be prepared in case you want to purchase something. Or, better yet, bring a snack with you so that you will not have to even worry about buying things.

H. H.Remember that caffeine and alcohol makes you have to go to the bathroom a lot, so watch out for the coffee, pop, and alcohol prior to getting on the plane. Otherwise, there will be a lot of wanting to go to the bathroom when the seat belt sign is on.

G. And finally, bring yourself some entertainment. While it can be fun to talk to the person next to you, sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming. If you are engaged in doing something entertaining, then they may just leave you alone, and if you like them, be sure to have a sound splitter to share the entertainment with them. Just remember, I want credit for any marriage proposals that come out of this….. If you are lucky enough to travel with a friend or someone that you love as I have had the chance to do in the past, I hope that you will share these tips with your friends and loved ones and enjoy all that your adventures bring to you. Those memories sustain you for a lifetime.