Is Going Home After College Graduation the New Normal?

No plans after graduation? Welcome to the club.

Posted Jun 05, 2013

This has become the new normal, hasn’t it? I asked my college seniors in class the other day what their plans might be in just a few weeks following graduation and after a long and uncomfortable pause only 1 of  20 had concrete plans (i.e., an unpaid internship with a pharmaceutical company). Many of my friends and neighbors have fresh college graduates now at home from excellent universities. They tell the same story with some degree of discomfort as if there is shame in graduating from college and moving back home without plans. Even those students who are determined to go to graduate or professional schools are going home to take a year to figure it all out, study for graduate professional entrance exams, and apply to programs. One neighbor’s son  just finished his second unpaid internship with no plans moving forward. And as you likely know, internships rarely are paid position even at private companies that make remarkable profits.

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