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Health Habits Develop Early and Are Hard to Change

If you want to have a healthy life you need to start early with health habits.

I had a recent patient in my clinical practice that binge drinks. Since he’s a college student he thinks that it is normative for people of his age to drink heavily, engage in sexual hook ups, and party frequently. He says that most of his friends of similar age does it. He believes that once he completes college his drinking behavior will significantly change for the better. I hope that he’s right but I think that he’s wrong. Research indicates that drinking habits get formed during the late teen/early adulthood period and don’t change so easily. With 20% of American college students being binge drinkers (i.e., 5 drinks at a time or more) this is disturbing. Additionally, the risk of unintended consequences such as drunken driving accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, other types of accidents, fights, and so forth are greatly increased during these frequent drunken episodes.