Avoiding the Deer in the Headlight Look at College Graduation

Early reflection and discernment is needed to transition from college to work.

Posted May 15, 2012

First, as everyone knows, the economy isn’t as welcoming to newly graduated college students as perhaps it was during better economic times. So, jobs right out of college are harder to find for sure.

Third, expectations are high. The expectations for being happy in your job and being fulfilled are higher than ever. With the bar set so high for job satisfaction trying to select the right choice may seem impossible and settling for less is often not on the radar screen for many.

Fourth, many students now feel forced to accept unpaid internships after graduation which have become the norm in most areas of work. I have to admit that this trend seems like a bit of a scam to me. Asking students to accept unpaid "internships" and making these experiences normative seems like exploitation to me. A company or institution can get free youthful labor and package it in such a way that it appears like it is an honor to do this as volunteer work. Go figure.

What do you think?