Raising Sensitive Boys

The value of raising strong yet emotionally available boys today

Posted Jun 10, 2015

Unlike girls boys are supposed to be tough. Or at least that’s what so many cultures believe . . . including many Americans. One of the biggest reasons I love working with highly sensitive boys is I help them let-go of any of those limiting beliefs and help them embrace who they are (strong and soft).

Some of the scenarios that sensitive boys need to learn include:

  • Standing up for one’s self
  • Saying “no” (when they’re uncomfortable)
  • Finding like-minded friends
  • Learning to express their feelings skillfully

Boys that are sensitive may not like movies like Terminator or video games like Halo (prior blog, The Highly Sensitive Child). One of my clients, Alex, age eight decided against a sleepover party because his friend was going to show shooter-up type movies and this would only have upset him. At a young age he’s really learning what works and what doesn’t work for him. But most kids aren’t like Alex they’d feel the peer pressure and go anyway.

Helping highly sensitive boys turn their sensitivity into a strength, and honor their authentic selves is the path of the enlightened parent (teacher, mentor, therapist etc.) or family member. It may not be easy, but raising boys that understand the power of a good cry, and how valuable it is to talk about their feelings sets them up for more life success.

Of course, this doesn’t mean sensitive boys need to be wimps either --- far from it. I truly believe what James Dean said, “only the gentle are every really strong.” So today’s boys are learning to tap into their gentle nature as a strength as well as develop their physical strength too. It’s a whole new world.

By Maureen D. Healy

Maureen D. Healy is an award-winning author, speaker and healer helping highly sensitive kids and their parents globally. Her books include: Growing Happy Kids (2012) and The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids (2013). Learn more: www.highlysensitivekids.com or @mdhealy