Different Is Good

One message every happy child hears...

Posted Mar 30, 2015

Angelina Jolie got something very right: Different is good. Of course, it’s the “different” people who solve problems that have evaded us and contribute something incredibly unique to the world. Hearing the message that different is good as a child is what every little boy and girl needs to hear. They get permission to:

  • Be themselves
  • Not fit in
  • Celebrate their differences
  • Create their way

All too often I have worked with adults who unknowingly or unwittingly were trying to raise a “cookie cutter child” who is like everyone else. The problem with that is everyone is different, and by smooshing a square peg into a round hole—the end result is unhappiness. Because life is short and we are all patterned for our purpose isn’t it a better idea to discover your differences (unique gifts), hone your talents, and contribute them to the world mightily?

By Maureen Healy
(c) 2015

Maureen Healy is an award-winning author, speaker, and healer working globally with highly sensitive children (and their parents). Her work has been on Huffington Post, WebMD, PBS, and most recently, Disney’s “Fatherhood Project” with Hank Azaria. Learn more: www.highlysensitivekids.com or @mdhealy