Looking for Love?

There's more than one way to find it.

Posted Mar 16, 2017

Source: Pexels.com, used with permission
Unsplash/Pexels, used with permission
Source: Unsplash/Pexels, used with permission

Popular online dating sites are trying to make it quicker, easier and less of a random process for you to find “the one” by using algorithms to match people based on their similarities. But more than 20 years after online dating services first became available, more than half of single American adults say they have a negative view of connecting this way. Women tend to be less enthralled with the idea of dating sites and apps than men.

To find out who’s looking, what they’re looking for, and why some people don’t use online dating sites or apps at all, ReportLinker, a tech company that supplies data for industry leaders, recently surveyed approximately 500 single, divorced, and widowed men about their use of online dating sites. Those surveyed represented a cross-section of the American population. Only 19 percent reported being registered on a dating site, while a whopping 81 percent were not. Those who do use online dating sites belong to more than two sites, on average. Here are some of the other facts collected by the interviewers:

  • In order of preference, those who do use a dating website prefer Tinder (25 percent), Match (14 percent), Plenty of Fish (12 percent), OKCupid (10 percent), eHarmony (4 percent), Grndr (3 percent), Bumble (3 percent), BlackSingles (2 percent) and SeniorPeopleMeet (2 percent). Tinder is especially popular among millennials, 70 percent of whom say it’s their favorite app.
  • The top three drawbacks, or reasons for skepticism included lack of seriousness, lying, and security of personal information.
  • The majority of users, especially millennials, don’t pay for the site’s services.
  • Most people who surf dating sites are looking for long-term relationships (60 percent), many (41 percent are looking for friendship, and about one-third (34 percent) are looking for hook-ups.
  • Top criteria among those looking for love include age, education level, employment, physical appearance, and family status, in that order.
  • The other methods singles use to find love include friends (58 percent), bars and other public areas (37 percent), work (27 percent), sporting, religion or hobby events (27 percent), family (24 percent), dating agency (3 percent), speed-dating events (2 percent), dating coach (2 percent). A full 28 percent responded “none of the above.”
  • The statistics are a bit different when it comes to how people look for love and how they actually find it. When the interviewers asked more than 500 men and women who are married or in a relationship how they met their partner, 39 percent responded “through friends.” The next most common way to meet was at work (15 percent), followed by bars and other public areas (12 percent), sport, religion or hobby events (9 percent), and then internet dating site or app (8 percent). The remaining responders met their partners through family (7 percent), at school (6 percent), and at speed-dating events (1 percent), with 3 percent responding “other.”

Online dating is certainly a way to find love, friendship, or sex, but as these surveys show, it is still just one of many ways.


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