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Learn How to Learn

It's important to remain curious, constantly learning and moving forwards.

Posted Dec 01, 2014

Open Mind

Open Mind

Knowledge is different from learning. Knowledge is a stockpile. It’s a static accumulation. It is more important to learn than to know.

Learning is not about creating a store of knowledge. To learn, the mind has to be completely free. The mind cannot learn for a purpose. It has to explore in an open ended way.

The great English artist David Hockney constantly explored and learned new mediums. Hockney’s early paintings of swimming pools in Los Angeles were in acrylic, a new painting medium. He worked with the new Polaroid camera’s to produce photo collage’s using many prints of a single subject to create a composite image. He drew with Quantel Paintbox, a computer program that allowed him to sketch directly onto the screen. At the age of 73 he created hundreds of portraits, still lives and landscapes using the IPhone and IPad.

You have to remain curious throughout your life, constantly learning, moving forwards and exploring new ground.

Learning calls for sensitivity and awareness to your interests, not slavish memorisation of information. The most important skill you can develop is to learn how to learn.

Copyright Rod Judkins. This article is based on a chapter from Change Your Mind: 57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self by Rod Judkins


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