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Cure Infertility Naturally

Lifestyle changes that boost the odds of pregnancy

Numerous studies show that people with infertility get pregnant with a number of natural therapies. If you have unexplained infertility (including low sperm count), couples can enter a study (done by mail). You supply the needed labs and we review, evaluate, and send you both the treatments and instructions you'll need—free! We expect most couples will get pregnant. This is an exciting (and free) way of getting pregnant if you have infertility.

Treatments are a mix of lifestyle and supplements. For example:

FOR MEN (Can markedly raise sperm count, which is very helpful even if sperm count is normal.):

A) Life Style Education

These are important things to avoid from now until after your wife gets pregnant, as they can cause infertility. Just do the best you can with these guidelines—OK to not be perfect.

1. Avoid soy based foods (e.g., tofu, tempeh, soy cheese and milk, etc). Even modest intakes drop sperm counts by 40%.

2. Sperm do poorly at temperatures over 96 °F (which is why the testes hang below the rest of the body to stay cooler). Avoid elevated scrotal temperatures by wearing boxer shorts. Do NOT wear briefs, tight fitting underwear or jeans. Avoid hot tubs. Avoid rowing/ski machines, treadmills or jogging unless the testes can hang free.

3. Avoid aspirin, Motrin or similar medications which block the hormone prostaglandin (prostaglandins in the seminal fluid may assist sperm). Tylenol is OK in moderation (if you need high doses regularly, let's discuss).

4. Avoid alcohol when convenient, and tobacco if able.

5. When convenient, avoid meat with estrogen (i.e., get your meat from a natural foods store).

6. Avoid melatonin, testosterone, Verapamil and Nifedipine (latter two are heart/blood pressure medications) which can cause reversible infertility.

7. Increase liquid vegetable oils and avoid cottonseed oil (may contain gossypol which inhibit sperm function), palm or coconut oils or trans, hydrogenated or saturated fats as comfortably able.

B) Treatments (We will mail these free to those in the study. Begin after obtaining the first sperm sample.)

All of these can be taken together in the morning (or split up or taken any time of day). They increase sperm count and function, and your energy as well! Get your baseline sperm count sample in to the lab/urologists office before beginning these treatments. Repeat the sperm count after four months on these treatments (best if both sperm counts are done at the same lab). Take these for nine months or till your wife gets pregnant. If pregnant before four months into treatment, repeat the sperm count and then you can stop the supplements.

1. Supply overall nutritional support with the "Energy Revitalization Powder" by Enzymatic Therapy. Take ½ to 1 scoop a day as feels best (use less if gas/diarrhea) and the one capsule.

2. CoEnzyme Q10 (chewable) 200 mg/day. Chew one each morning.

3. L-Arginine 1,000 mg. Take 2 twice a day.

4. Acetyl-l-carnitine 1,000 mg/day.

5. Carnitine 1,000 mg/day.

6. Zinc 15-30 mg/day (1 a day).

7. Ribose 5 gm (1 scoop) twice a day (can use like sugar and mix in food or drinks). The second dose can be taken any time during the day (or at bedtime).


A) Life Style Changes

These are important things to avoid from now until after you are three months pregnant, as they can cause infertility. Just do the best you can with these guidelines—OK to not be "perfect" with them.

1. Avoid coffee and sodas (tea is OK). Coffee and sodas inhibit fertility—often markedly.

2. Avoid supplements with melatonin (which is sometimes used to treat insomnia) as it can affect reproductive hormones. It can sometimes help pregnancy as well.

3. Only take the vitamin C and vitamin A in the vitamin powder below, and not in any other supplements without checking with me.

4. Avoid a high protein/Atkins' diet in which carbohydrates are strictly avoided (the protein in a regular diet is fine—even if you eat a lot of high protein foods).

5. No alcohol if Prolactin levels are higher than 10 (and avoid in general as is convenient).

6. Avoid vaginal lubricants such as FemGlide, Replens and Astroglide which can damage sperm. Pre-seed brand is OK.

7. If you smoke, stop till after the baby is born if you can. Smoking contributes to infertility in many ways.

Lifestyle Things to Do to Help Get Pregnant

1. It works best to have intercourse on the day you ovulate and up to four days before (otherwise "ad lib" whenever you feel like it). It is OK to have intercourse multiple times during this period. For purposes of getting pregnant, intercourse even one day after ovulation is unlikely to result in pregnancy—but OK to do anyway for its other benefits.

2. Enjoy milk products but use regular ones that have the normal amount of milk fat (e.g., whole milk) instead of low fat or fat free milk products. In a Harvard study, high intake of low-fat dairy foods was associated with an increased risk of infertility, while an increased intake of high-fat dairy foods was associated with a lower risk of infertility. Women consuming at least two servings of low-fat dairy foods per day showed an 85% increased risk of infertility. On the other hand, women consuming at least one serving of high-fat dairy foods per day showed a 27% reduced risk of infertility. Whole milk products (instead of low fat) also taste better.

B) Woman's Treatments (We will provide). Most women will simply need to take the vitamin powder, thyroid, and if low an iron supplement.

1. Get outstanding overall nutritional support with the "Energy Revitalization Powder" by Enzymatic Therapy and a healthy, well-balanced diet. Stay on the vitamin powder when you get pregnant and through breast feeding. We will supply the powder. Take ½ to 1 scoop a day as feels best (use less if diarrhea) and the one capsule. When you get pregnant, add calcium, iron, and fish oil to optimize your pregnancy.

2. Add prescription Armour thyroid 30 mg adjusted to dose that feels best (to a maximum of 90 mg or 3 tablets). Take it in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Do not take iron or calcium supplements within six hours of the thyroid dose, or the thyroid will not be absorbed. Take your calcium at dinner and bedtime. If you get shaky or hyper, chest pain or racing heart, lower the thyroid dose (or stop it) and let's discuss. Stay on the thyroid through your pregnancy (it supports a healthy pregnancy). Low thyroid function despite normal tests is an extremely common cause of both infertility and miscarriages.

Armour Thyroid (Rx)—30 mg (1/2 grain = 30 mg) (natural thyroid glandular). Take ½ tablet each morning on an empty stomach for one week and then one tablet each morning. Increase by ½ to 1 tablet each 1-6 weeks (till you're on three tablets or the dose that feels best). Check a repeat Free T4 blood level when you're on three tablets a day (or your optimum dose) for 6-8 weeks.

For more information on the study, read Infertility Study—Information for Those Entering the Study.

For more on treating infertility, read Effective Natural Treatment for Infertility.

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