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99 Nurturing Activities Helpful During the Grief Process

Healthy suggestions to nurture yourself while you're grieving.

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​When we are experiencing grief, it is easy to lose track of what can bring us comfort. It’s so important to allow ourselves positive reflection and doing things that bring us joy. Healthy distractions while in the midst of grief are extremely important.

Here’s a list of 99 nurturing activities that help people throughout their grief process. Grief is a highly individualistic process. An activity that one person may find nurturing, such as dusting or organizing a room, might have the opposite impact on someone else.

Take some time and write down a few activities that you feel may help you. If you don’t see your favorite nurturing activity on the list, please feel free to share in the comments below!

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Call an old friend
  3. Take a nap
  4. Write in your journal
  5. Color in a book
  6. Brush your teeth
  7. Tidy up a room
  8. Organize your day
  9. Reflect in gratitude
  10. Watch a movie
  11. Eat a favorite meal
  12. Spend time cooking
  13. Meditate
  14. Go for a run
  15. Do yoga
  16. Listen to nature sounds
  17. Write a letter
  18. Watch a documentary
  19. Take a shower
  20. Take a warm bath
  21. Read a book
  22. Binge on Netflix
  23. Watch favorite sports program
  24. Go for a hike
  25. Plan your short weekend trip
  26. Take a short weekend trip
  27. Volunteer at a local shelter
  28. Spend time with friends
  29. Invite family over for a movie
  30. Go out to eat
  31. Go to the movies
  32. Experience a live play
  33. Explore your city
  34. Spend time at a museum
  35. Go to a sports game
  36. Garden
  37. Have a picnic
  38. Watch funny/cute youtube videos
  39. Get a massage
  40. Dust your house
  41. Have a game night
  42. Look at the stars
  43. Do nothing and veg on the couch
  44. Go window-shopping at your favorite store
  45. Spend time with pets
  46. Get a haircut
  47. Write down favorite memories
  48. Go through pictures
  49. Make a scrapbook
  50. Shop for memorialization items
  51. Make a shadow box
  52. Visit a local historical place
  53. Buy yourself flowers
  54. Attend classes you’ve always wanted
  55. Listen to music
  56. Join a new club
  57. Attend spiritual/religious services
  58. Explore a new hobby
  59. Eat a piece of fresh fruit
  60. Appreciate the simple things
  61. Spend time with children
  62. Hone a skillset you have
  63. Volunteer for a cause you believe in
  64. Bake cookies
  65. Knitting or a craft you enjoy
  66. Learn a new language
  67. Indulge in Chocolate (or any sweet!)
  68. Bring a gift to a neighbor
  69. Look at pictures you enjoy
  70. Take photos of nature
  71. Watch the sunsent/sunrise
  72. Draw boundaries with negative influences
  73. Listen to a child’s laughter
  74. Watch funny videos
  75. Rearrange your furniture
  76. Spend intimate time with your partner
  77. Spend time with a friend
  78. Commit yourself to a good cause
  79. Stop and smell a flower
  80. Appreciate the small moments of calm
  81. List 3 great qualities about yourself
  82. Buy a new book and read it from cover to cover
  83. Spend time with horses
  84. Try a new food you’ve never had before
  85. Stand out in the rain
  86. Do the laundry
  87. Make vacation plans
  88. Daydream
  89. Take a step toward your goals
  90. Join a new community or meetup group
  91. Teach a friend something new
  92. Donate to a good cause
  93. Spend time mindlessly browsing the web
  94. Search for new inspirational quotes
  95. Start a blog and write your story
  96. Discover a new place and visit it
  97. Buy a new outfit
  98. Explore a cause you believe in
  99. Breathe
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